So fresh and so clean.



Well Fedarmstead is a year-round, Fort Collins based, Microgreens Operation that grows some punchy, nutritious, wholesome greens. 

We're a family of four:

Farmer Ryan - dad and head grower.
Alexa - mom and creative director.
Babies... well they dont contribute much at this point. 

We've been farming for years, focusing on providing our town with better tasting and healthier greens than anywhere else around. We want to refocus on the folks and the earth around us, playing our part to help create a strong community and a vibrant local food system.

Dirty Hands



Sweet, Fragrant, Crunchy.
Fantastic as a fresh snack or as a side for steak and potatoes. Steam them, saute them, blend them... the choice is yours. Crazy good for you too, with a high protein content. These greens taste identical to a regular sweet pea, but with a much more interesting texture and appearance.


Get to know us and buy our greens at Beaver's Market and Lucky's Market Fort Collins. They are available for delivery and purchase online at Pig and Plow's Online Store, link below. 

Our Microgreens are also featured at these amazing restaurants:

Bistro Nautile

Cafe Vino

Jay's Bistro

Little on Mountain

Taco Farm Foco

Wolverine Farm



Here's What People are Saying

"We love everything we have tried and we're addicted. We use them on practically everything from smoothies to stir fry's. Excellent service and quality. Highly Recommend."

Chris & Aggie

"Have liked trying different varieties of shoots and greens. My husband who is usually picky has been devouring them."

Donna L.

"Would recommend these for everyone! Best on salads, wraps, and tacos. The Microgreens are so nice and fresh! Excellent customer service."

Rachel H.



Have questions about growing microgreens? Want to know more about our products? Are you a chef, produce manager, or wholesaler looking for Fort Collins local produce? Reach out!

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