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2023 Mini-Winter CSA Shares

What is a Mini-Winter CSA?

An 8-Week, Traditional CSA Box (or in this case, bag) Program. In other words... A weekly distribution of seasonal produce, packed in a bag just for you, curated by the farmer.


What'll be in the bags?

Oh boy, so much goodness...













Head Lettuce

Salad Greens

Spicy Mix



Collard Greens


Rainbow Chard








Black Radishes

Daikon Radishes

Watermelon Radishes

Red Radishes

Hakurai (Sweet) Turnips

Purple Top Turnips







Pie Pumpkin




Dried Flowers/Herbs



Radish Microgreens

Mild Mix Microgreens

Sunflower Shoots

Pea Shoots

Can you believe it? Over 35 varieties of locally grown and sourced produce!


More Details...

Just to clarify, you'll receive an assortment of the above-listed items in a series of 8 distributions, starting on November 4th and Ending December 23rd.

The Pickup Location is 2229 W Vine Dr. Pickup hours will be 10am-5pm every Saturday.

Not only will you get your hands on all that delectable food, you'll get a featured weekly recipe and a discount for signing up for the full season.

Here's the math...

True Value:    8 weeks x $30 = $240...
Your Price: $210 +$5 administration fee = $215

That's over 10% off

Pay using Paypal or handwritten check.

If you'd like to use Paypal, click the "Buy Now" button below.



Checks can be made out to:

Well Fed Farmstead

and delivered or mailed to the mailbox at the farm

(located across the street from the farm stand, in front of the Quaker Meeting House)

2229 W Vine Dr.

Fort Collins, CO 80526

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What is a CSA?
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct, food-share partnership between you and the farmer. It entails purchasing an entire season’s worth of vegetables at the beginning of the year. Purchasing a CSA share gives the customer consistent access to vegetables at a discounted price while also bringing the farmer an income at an important time of the year when cash-flow is low but they are ordering seeds, building infrastructure, and improving tools and production practices.

Why is there an administration fee?
  • The fee helps to cover the cost of credit card processing, as well as the back-end office work of keeping the CSA program running.

How do I know how much money is on my card?

  • There are a couple methods to check your CSA balance. You can ask the farm crew working at the market, or you can click here and enter your card number.

What if the farm is affected by a natural disaster?

  • A CSA program revolves around the concept of sharing the risk and rewards of local agriculture. Because we are located in Northern Colorado, we are prone to hail, extreme drought, and severe temperature shifts. Although we do our best to protect ourselves from these natural conditions (we grow a portion of our produce in greenhouses, we source water from natural precipitation, wells and ditches, and we have several strategies to keep our produce warm in the winter), we are not invincible. Thus, we include a "Hand of God" clause in our CSA that, if disaster should strike, our members would share the burden. If our harvest is dramatically reduced or we are unable to come to market we will deduct the amount of an average market week from everyone's Farm Cards until harvest resumes. Most years this will not even occur (in Farmer Ryan's career, it has never happened), but by purchasing a share, you're helping us focus on what we do best instead of fretting about the next tragedy. You are assisting us in running a sustainable business and we can't thank you enough.

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